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  1. The winning movies will be awarded and screened at vIDEA 2019 to an eclectic audience comprising filmmakers, video producers, marketing professionals, digital evangelists, and heads of largest brands in India.
  2. Inkspell Media shall fund and co-produce one film that the winners may subsequently wish to create*.
  3. Top 5 nominations will receive special certification from the Jury
  4. The filmmakers may leverage the unique potential of collaborating with the leading video producers in the country through the unparalleled networking opportunities at the event.
*Terms and conditions apply*

vIDEA Contest


vIDEA Contest Rules

  1. All Entries will be evaluated by a Panel of expert Jurors whose judgment shall be final and binding
  2. The length of the film should be less than 20 mins
  3. The film should preferably be shot on professional cameras (for professional category)
  4. The film should be a new project specifically undertaken for the Videa contest, and a previously produced film cannot be nominated in this category. If you have made a short film earlier and wish to nominate it, you may do so in the Best Motion Picture – Short Film Category under the Genre Specific Awards.
  5. All short-films nominated for the contest must include a shot of a 'mirror' embedded at any point in the screenplay. This is to ensure that all entries are originally made for the vIDEA 2019 contest.
  6. There are no restrictions with regard to the theme, genre, and subject of the short-film being submitted.
  7. The short-film must not violate any laws/regulations pertaining to permissions, licenses, privacy, copyright, IPR, plagiarism, defamation, etc.
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